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Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental disorder through psychological means rather than the medical. Writing a dissertation on psychotherapy is not easy. There is a lot of reading and research required to write on this subject. In such case, foreign students who are not acquainted with the English language may face problem.

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Psychotherapy is also called as talk therapy or counseling. It is a method focused on helping one heal and learn more constructive ways to deal with the mental disorder. It is a treatment based on the relationship between an individual facing the problem and a psychologist and this treatment avoid medicines. There are various psychotherapy techniques and most of them involve one-to-one sessions between therapist and the client but some time it may require involving families and groups.

Approaches to psychotherapy


  • There are five broad categories to psychotherapy and they are as follows


1) Behaviour therapy
2) Humanistic therapy
3) Holistic therapy
4) Cognitive therapy
5) Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies

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Few topics on psychotherapy


• The effects of the global economic crisis on male depression.
• A defence of the boarding school or boarding school syndrome
• Emphasis on anxiety disorders
• Threat anticipation triggers in schizophrenia
• Factors affecting adult health

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