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Scientifically, linguistics is the study of language which involves an analysis of language meaning, language form and language in context. It involves study of human language as universal and recognizable part of human behavior. Linguistics analyzes human language by observing the interaction between sound and meaning. It deals with the role of language in encoding relations with entities, properties and other aspects of the world to convey process and assign meaning as well as manage and resolve obscurity. Linguistics also deals with factors such as historical, cultural, social and political factors that influence language. Linguistic theory aims at knowledge of language, acquisition of language and knowledge processing.

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Different sub fields of linguistics explained in Linguistics Dissertation Help are


• Phonetics- It is the study of speech sounds which includes production, transmission and reception, the description and classification of speech sounds and connected speech.

• Phonology- It is the study of sounds which makes use of phonetics to see the arrangement of sounds or signs in a system for each language.

• Morphology- It is the study of formation internal structure of words from smaller chunks of meaningful units called morphemes.

• Syntax- It is the study of combination and construction of words to form a grammatical phrase clause and sentence.

• Semantics- It is the study of meaning of words and the relationship between words, phrases to form a meaningful sentence.

• Pragmatics- It is the study of utterances used in communicative acts. It looks at the relationship between speaker and listener.

• Discourse analysis- It is the analysis of bigger chunks of language used in texts, stories, conversation, speeches etc.

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Branches of Linguistics


The different branches of linguistics explained in Linguistics Dissertation Help are-

• General Linguistics- It means studying language in general. It describes the concepts and the categories in terms of which a particular language is to be analyzed.

• Descriptive Linguistics- It deals with study of particular language. It describes or gives the data which confirms the propositions and theories put forward in general linguistics.

• Micro Linguistics- It adopts the narrower view of language. It is solely concerned with the internal structure of language in itself and for itself. Some fields of micro linguistics are- Phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, discourse analysis, pragmatics etc.

• Macro Linguistics- It adopts the broader view of language. It is concerned with external view of language which is acquired, stored in brain and used for different functions like interdependence of language and culture, Psychological and physiological mechanism involved in language behavior. Some fields of micro linguistics are- Stylistics, developmental linguistics, historical linguistics, evolutionary linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, clinical linguistics, neurolinguistics, bio linguistics etc. It is explained thoroughly in Linguistics Dissertation Help.

• Computational linguistics- It deals with computational elements of linguistic structure. It has the goal of viewing human language as a cognitive system.

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