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First of all Education is defined as the process of facilitation of learning or imparting the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and various good habits. Certain types of storytelling, discussions, training, teaching, and even various types of research come under different types of education. Educators guide the process of education very often in which the learners learn and educate themselves. In Education Dissertation Help,it is given that the Education is imparted in 2 possible ways: – formal education and informal education. The experiences in an individual’s life, the way one thinks or feels or even acts may also be considered as Education. Pedagogy is a term involved in Education which means the methodology of teaching. The word Education is derived from the Latin word educatio which means to bring up. The process of Education started in the prehistory when the parents or guardians imparted some knowledge or skills which are necessary in the society to their young ones and allowed them to gain some experiences. There are various stages of Education which are written in Education Dissertation Help: – preschool, primary school, secondary school, followed by college or university and then apprentice. Education can also be gained by self – directed process where one absorbs the process as a self – teacher. The government of various countries has introduced the right to education. Education in all the religions is compulsory.

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Importance of Education

There are many importance of Education which is explained in Education Dissertation Help.
1. The skills and tools necessary for the people to find the way to survive in the world are imparted through Education.
2. Education is the only way through which people can learn to read, write, communicate and calculate.
3. People learn to compete in the world and even to cope up with the job competence very effectively and safely through Education.
4. Education imparts knowledge about the world where we survive, about the history, culture, philosophy, etc.
5. Apart from imparting knowledge, Education makes us mentally, socially and intellectually strong by increasing our technical skills.
6. Education is very important for the progress and development of the country and also for the bright future of an individual.
7. Good Education enhances personal development, increases social health and social status and also contributes in economic progress.
8. Education is important in order to achieve success in everyone’s life and also lessen the problems and challenges showered by life.
9. Education plays an important role in developing an individual’s mind to a great extent and also helps in removing all the differences existing in the society.
10. The ability to understand the human rights, social rights and duties and responsibilities towards the country is understood only if one pursues good education.

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