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Art happens to be another means of communication through creative lay out of ideas. Art is a means to preserve the rich heritage and pass the information from one generation to the other. In the broader prospective, art is any portrayal of human emotion through audio or visual methods. Art touches our lives from a multitude of directions. It might be by thought intriguing paintings, through sculptors, through awe inspiring showcase of music or dance and even drama. Like all phenomena, art has also undergone evolution in many ways. Modernization of art is a part of many major revolutions that have been marked around the globe. Literature is an integral part of art. Architecture is such a direction of art that demands outlook for different set of art. There are many shades to the definition of art. S shall throw light on the various elements involved in the format on of art.

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Elements of art

 Media: It is the source taken up by the artist to express his or her creative work. Since time immemorial visual aids have been used as the source. That is the requisite information is encoded in a piece of painting or architectural designing. Writers and poets have chosen to spread their works through print media. And on the contrary, music, dance and drama goes on as entertainment media. Performers either stage it in front of a group of audience or the recorded performances are aired using technology. Art Dissertation Help shall be categorically enlisting other types of art as well.
 Form: It is the aesthetic aspect of any art. Form has nothing to do with the thought process behind any art. It necessarily focuses on the physical requirements and choices of an artist. It signifies the technicalities like melody and harmony in a piece of art. The importance of balance and arrangements under forms cannot be overemphasized. For more illustrious information on the elements of art refer Art Dissertation Help.
 Genre and style: Genre of a piece of art is the subject matter it surrounds. It could be provocative, thought inducing, revolutionary, tranquil or for the love of nature and God.It forms the heart and soul of an art. It can be directed to historic, national or international plots. Style on the other hand is the mannerism of depiction of an art. It could be through modern or old methods. For instance Pablo Picasso often chose abstracts as his style for his works of art. A lot of modern artists collaborate the styles of great artisans from around the globe and put it together with a pinch of their own style.

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